Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sushi Kuu

Ok so this meal happened in January but I am calling it - this will probably be one of my top 10 meals of 2014.

Anniversary dinner - Omakase at Sushi Kuu. Admittedly when I walked in, I was disappointed. The decor was too casual, not really what you expect of a nice Japanese restaurant. Thankfully I was proven wrong.

Started off with Onsen Tamago mmm I love runny eggs. This was very nicely seasoned and every scoop of egg with the salty roe bursting with flavour and creamy uni - awesome.

More roe! Over a bed of cold radish.

Next up - the sashimi course. Which was glorious and so beautifully plated that I almost couldn't bear to eat it. Big sweet prawn, platter of shellfish, sea bream filled with uni and oh 2 thick slices of fatty, melt-in-your-mouth otoro that made me not feel like eating anything else because I wanted that taste to last forever. Best sashimi course at an Omakase. ever. 

And you can get your prawn head fried! 

Wagyu beef and grilled cod.  The beef was definitely the better of the 2 options, tender and delicious.

Starting to get full but lets press on. Next course was tempura vs steamed egg (with more roe!)
Featuring snow crab and a light as air batter, the tempura was the stronger of both dishes.

And the sushi course featuring more otoro! The salmon belly wrapped with lettuce was delightful 

Ended the meal with panna cotta (which I didnt touch cos I was too stuffed).

Seriously a great meal. Well worth the $150++ price tag.

390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance #01-07
Tel 67360100

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