Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant

Having received a voucher for Tunglok, my family decided to heed down to the branch at East Coast Park for dinner. Tung Lok is one of the well-known places for seafood in Singapore, up there with the Jumbos, Long Beaches and Seafood Paradises. For some reason, I am always under the impression that Tung Lok is more classy and upscale than the rest. 

The Tung Lok at ECP was big, think of a giant dining hall filled with tables. I think it could be a little too cramped when the tables get filled up? But perhaps the hustle and clanging of chopsticks is what a chinese dinner is all about.

Started off with half a peking duck

The skin was passable, thin and crispy but not the best duck I have had. 
I think the Peking Duck at Imperial Treasure Peking duck has set my expectations for duck way high

Our vegetable course: Broccoli with Scallops
Pretty mild-tasting in my opinion. Could do with more seasoning

Salted egg yolk prawns.
When the dish was first delivered to our table, the golden brown color of the prawns and the thought of salted egg yolk melting in my mouth got me wayyy excited.
Alas, like the vegetable dish, the taste was quite mild. Not as robust and salty as I would have liked.

Other dishes we had which were all pretty average to me.

The chili crab was probably the biggest disappointment of the night.
To me, this dish is all about the sauce. It has to be thick, sweet yet spicy and with that gooey egg running throughout. As you can see, the amount of egg to sauce was too little and the sauce was too runny.

On the other hand, the white pepper crab was excellent!
Stir-fried with leeks and white pepper, each bite provided the much needed kick. 

Overall, I felt that the food was maybe too mild and elegant for me. I like my food more flavorful and exciting and I think only the white pepper crab really did it. For seafood, I would heed over to Seafood Paradise anytime.

Tung Lok Seafood Resturant
1000 East Coast Parkway
2F Marina Cove Singapore
6246 0555