Sunday, March 22, 2015

Superstar K

I must confess that I cant really tell the difference between Korean bbqs. Sure theres the seoul garden standard (which I try not to go anywhere near) but other than that, yup cant tell the difference between an average bbq and a really good one.

That said, I enjoyed my meal at Superstar K. I liked the complimentary sides, esp that steamed egg. And the meats were well-marinated and tasty


Mmmm check out that  marbling.

Oh yes ventilation was prety good. So you dont walk out smelling like a smoke pit.

75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496
6224 0504

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunday Folks

Finally, finally making a trip after hearing so many rave reviews. Btw I have yet to try Creamier and its been on my to-try list for ever.

As we all know Sunday Folks is opened by the same folks behind Creamier so concept is largely the same except Soft-serve instead of normal ice cream.

Getting a seat here is a lesson in strategy. Get a friend to start queuing then a few friends scattered around the tiny little cafe, staking out tables then swooping in and try to squeeze as many as you can around a tiny table.

This was the pistachio soft-serve with waffle. The waffles were awesome, crispy and fluffy. Pistachio was so-so, dont think the flavour really came through for me. Same goes with the lavender soft-serve.
I think I will very much prefer these waffles with the awesome coconut + avocado ice cream from daily scoop a few doors down.

Chip Bee Garden
44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-52
Singapore 278 116

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dancing Crab

So the food trend in 2013/2014 seemed to be seafood done Cajun style aka eating fresh seafood cooked in some kind of sauce with your bare hands. (Btw, this year's trend seems to be frozen yogurt/soft serve).
Yes I know my posts are always a couple of too many months late but better late than never yes?

So with so many of these Cajun style places, I decided to opt for the one with what seemed like had the lion's share of good reviews. Dancing Crab at the Grandstand is opened by the Tung Lok group hence not speaking much for its authenticity but on the other hand almost guaranteed good quality (since Tung Lok specializes in Seafood right?)


The crab cakes arrived looking pretty sad but surprisingly tasty and fresh.

We got 3 seafood combos - with signature sauce, herb butter and Buerre Blanc respectively.


Bag 1 - with prawns, crab, mussels and strangely potatoes and sausages.All drenched in the spicy signature sauce and tossed on the table for you to dig in. Personally, the signature sauce which was sweet and spicy (like a version of the chilli crab sauce without egg) was my favorite.


The cold seafood combo with alaskan king crab, prawns, clams and mussels was delightfully fresh and sweet. This came with the Buerre Blanc sauce but honestly with seafood so sweet, no extra sauce needed, just your hands and ice cold beer.



Last combo - essentially the same thing without the crab came in herb butter sauce. A tad too rich for me but the herb butter sauce was a hit with many of the folks on the table.


Lastly, the much raved about lobster rolls. I honestly thought they were ok, bit much of an after-though at our table actually what with the fanfare given to the rest of the seafood. Was decent but I would rather make room for the fresh seafood.

The Grandstand #01-20/21
200 Turf Club Road
  6466 3303