Friday, February 10, 2012

La Villa

Celebrated two of my dearest friend's birthday at La Villa.
My first thought upon walking in : this would make a nice venue for a wedding.

Intimate dining area, inviting reception (for the bride and groom to greet guest of course) and a cozy little outdoor area. Not forgetting a pretty neat bar 

Calamari rings with paprika and pizzaiola dip ($19)
Great crispy rings, however the portion was a tad tiny for the price

Funghi pizza - With fried egg, Pancetta ham and truffle ($22)
Now this was value for money. And you know how everything taste better with a runny egg? 
Enveloped with the smell of truffle, this is one good pizza

Capellini - Angel hair pasta with Lobster ($28)
Oh this was good. I love food with a strong seafood taste, that umami punch that one only gets when eating stuff like truffle/sea urchin
Could eat a whole bucket of this sauce

Meat Platter for 3 ($108 i think)
Meat overkill, some of the items were good (sausages), some were average (steak, chicken), some i really disliked (veal)
Order only if you are a serious meat-lover. Else, stick to the pizzas and pastas

Service was pretty inconsistent unfortunately. Some of the waiters were not too responsive but a waitress in particular was really helpful and sweet. Our cake was ruined due to poor baking by Canele (wtf Canele...) and she felt so bad for us she gave us tiramisu on the house.

La Villa 
341 River Valley Road  Singapore 238372
6836 5286