Friday, August 29, 2014

Revisit: Bedrock Bar and Grill

I dont even need to look at the menu each time I am at Bedrock. I know exactly what hits the spot everytime I am craving for steak. 

First up the lovely flat bread (served pipping hot) with that luscious melt-in-your-mouth garlic. Spread butter (watching butter melt on hot bread is the best thing ever) and garlic and take a big bite. The only problem is having to stop eating so much bread so as to pace myself.

Sides - That sinfully good mac & cheese. Huge portion for the 2 of us though that didnt stop us from wolfing down almost everything. Sometimes I think this is even better than the steak here

Then the black pepper steak, expertly grilled with a touch of char. Fatty and perfectly medium rare (no other way to eat steak!)
 Just as good as I remembered

This place has become my top place for steak. Consistently great food and service
Best of all, 1-for-1 deals available on the Entertainer App.

96 Somerset Road
#01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard
Singapore 238163

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Revisit: Arbite

After a decidedly healthy start to a public holiday trekking through MacRitchie Reservoir (unfortunately not the tree top walk, there was a 1 hour queue, insane!) we rewarded ourselves with brunch at Arbite

This time round, went with the Smoked Salmon Florentine and Crab cakes.

Smoked salmon with poached egg, cream spinach on foccacia. All my favorite ingredients so this dish was a winner for me. 

The Arbite breakfast with everything you need on a plate.
I remember the scrambled eggs being creamier, these were a tad over done.

crab cakes, fried eggs and asparagus. I was very excited, crab cakes for brunch! But the crab cakes here were quite disappointing, more flour than anything else though at that price point I shouldnt have expected more. Eggs could be runnier too. 

66A Serangoon Garden Way
6287 0430

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Drury Lane: Revisit

So another visit to Drury Lane , this time perhaps my rose tinted ' first time visit' glasses were off so for some reason the food didn't seem as good. 

Started brunch with dessert because we were too hungry haha, the chocolate peanut butter tart was sinfully rich, a must-share kind of dish because it can be very 'jalat'. One of those "I am too old for this" dishes but chocolate lovers will appreciate this no doubt.

Baked eggs with salmon, decent enough 

My pancakes with scrambled eggs, beef and mushrooms. Very hearty dish. The pancakes were tad too 'cakey' for me though the eggs were still good. 

Our spread. Not sure how to explain the ho-hum feel of brunch that day, maybe we ordered the wrong dishes?

94 Tanjong Pagar Road
 65 62226698

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kilo by Pact

Wow, this place serves great food. Kilo by Pact is a concept store, selling clothes, food and drinks located in a nondescript corner in the maze known as Orchard Central. (Even the sales assistant two stores away didn't know where Kilo was when i tried asking for directions)

Food here is fusion style, with strong Japanese influence. 

Baby Eggplant - donburi sauce, marscapone cheese and tempura flakes
Crispy calamari

The eggplant was awesome, very complex dish with several layers and texture. Sounded weird on paper (cheese and eggplant?) but tasted damm kickass

Blue cheese figs with bacon and walnuts. Another dish with intense flavours and extremely delicious.

Mentaiko pasta- much milder than I expected. I thought the flavours were a bit muted after those intense appetisers but still pretty tasty.

Kilo's smashburger - with 2 patties, tomatoes, cheese on a brioche bun. Sounds awesome on the menu and in reality disappointing. The burger was tiny (2 patties? More like 1 patty divided into 2) and the meat just average tasting. 

My favourite dish - ebiko capellini with roe. Perfectly al dente, light (even with the cream sauce) and very tasty. The fresh prawns and roe was the icing on this dish. 

This place serves great food, stick to the appetisers and you will be set.

81 Orchard Rd 
 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
6884 7560

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wing Stop

So many chicken wing places popping up nowadays! Well I am not complaining since I am a big fan. 
Walked past Wing Stop at Bedok Mall and decided to give this place a try, of course the relatively empty interior should have given us a sense of how good the food is here (Singaporeans know their food well!)

Anyway Wing Stop is basically like your everyday fast food joint, instead of burgers though you get wings. Each set gets you 6 pcs (well 3 wings actually) in 2 different flavours, 1 side and drink.

Our choices - garlic parmesan and lemon pepper

I thought the seasoning was decent, but the wings themselves were limp and dry. Pretty disappointing. That say, the honey mustard dip for the fries was darn addictive.

Bedok Mall 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brunch @ Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

We decided to try something new for our once a year Champagne brunch , this time round at The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton.

Quintessential in Sunday brunches - all the oysters you can down

Grilled lobsters! We got very excited but unfortunately there were over-cooked

Free-flow foie gras! Our one requirement when looking for potential brunch places. 

Roast beef was probably the best thing in the buffet. Really moist and juicy.

Like St Regis, Ritz's brunch also offers a few special items (though not as much as St Regis). This one here is a pea and crab risotto, not a big fan (too much peas!)

Dessert selection - nothing stood out except for the Mango sorbet, now that was good. We devoured probably 5 cups of sorbet.

I know, who eats yogurt at a champagne brunch eh, but this tiny bottle of atas yogurt was darn good. 

Best part - they serve cocktails! We downed several glasses of pimms. Mmm

So which is better? I think St Regis' quality of food is probably better but Ritz offers more variety and additional cocktails. The atmosphere is also tad more lively while St Regis tends to be more elegant/classy. 

7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799
6337 8888

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mellben Seafood

Finally, finally, trying Mellben Seafood. Partly because Ang Mo Kio is really far away (doesn't exactly help that the location is in the middle of some housing estate) and too lazy to queue. We bit the bullet and decided to cab down, after making reservations. 

Started off with some crispy seafood tofu and salted egg prawn. Both dishes were decent, the tofu was nice and crispy but who comes to Mellben for anything else but the crabs right?  For side-kick dishes, they were good. 

Ahh the star of our meal. We got 2 (medium) chilli crabs and 2 (medium) crab bee hoon. The flesh of all the crabs were sweet and pretty delightful to eat. The chilli crab sauce was equal part sweet and spicy, just the way I like it and basically damm 'shiok' to eat with the deep-fried mantou. 
 And the crab bee noon, dammm is the soup good. You can see from the picture how the essence and roe of the crab has been 'transferred' into the soup, leaving a rich briny quantity that I love so much. Remember to order extra soup in advance, its $5 more but no regrets. Waiting time is pretty long because I believe they cook each pot of soup upon order, but worth it!

TLDR, go for the crab bee hoon soup.

 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
6285 6762

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Saveur, Pt 2

Back at Saveur again, can't get enough of the delicious (and photogenic) Saveur pasta.

Salmon starter with crispy fish skin. Salmon is always delicious, esp when its raw (or in this case, semi-raw)

and of course, cheap foie gras always must order right.

Tried the beef bourguignon this time round, braised in red wine and served with potato gratin. The beef was fork tender though I wasn't a huge fan of the gratin, give me mash anytime. 

Caramel lava cake, for all sweet tooths out there, to the rest - share with your friends.

#01-04, Talib Court
5 Purvis Street