Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni's is a cozy, cheery family-style Italian restaurant.
Walk into the brick-walled restaurant, lined with kids drawings and a large wood fire oven,  you just know that the pizza's going to be good.

We previously tried the XL pizza and be warned, its HUGE. Like the size of maybe a car tire? 
Great for 4 (if you are big eaters like us). 
Unfortunately the XXL pizza was sold out on our 2nd visit and we settled for 2 12' ones instead.

Starters - Wings and Onion rings.
If you have to choose one, go for the wings. They were good.

Pancetta with a soft gooey egg in the middle.
Cant go wrong with  bacon and egg right?

My fav - parma ham with cheese and rocket leaves. 
This was awesome. Combined with the thin crisp crust. 
How any one likes thick crusts on pizza baffles me.

Seafood risotto which was so-so

And so were the desserts.

Service was great, friendly happy staff and best of all, prices on the menu are nett.
If this place wasnt so far away ( I am a true-blue Eastie) I will be back every week.
Oh this place gets pretty packed, do remember to make your reservations

Peperoni Pizzeria
6 Greenwood Avenue
Hillcrest park
6465 6556