Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Perfect local Breakfast

Sometimes, the best meals in life costs just $2.

Nothing feels as good as waking up for an early morning run and tucking into this at the nearby coffeeshop. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Eater Restaurant

Salted egg yolk is one of those ingredients that taste good with basically everything.
Where can you get the best salted egg yolk crab in Singapore?

I personally like the one from Big Eater Restaurant. The salted egg yolk sauce is really kick-ass and goes so well  with white rice.

Big Eater Restaurant
34 Jalan Pari Burong
Picardy Gardens

Friday, January 25, 2013

Los Primos

Tapas bars has probably been the new fab on the Singapore food scene for the past 6 months with new bars sprouting up all around our tiny island. I cant say I dont welcome this because I absolutely love Spanish cuisine.

Perhaps my expectations were too high but unfortunately, I was not impressed with Los Primos. 
What I liked:

Tender and tasty jamon, soo good but served with rock-hard bread

Roasted suckling pig was sinfully good. The crackling of the skin paired with the melt-in-your-mouth flesh makes for a damm good bite.

The rest of the tapas were pretty pedestrian. The prawns were not fresh at all, making for one decidedly chewy dish. 

Unlike the tapas, the paellas were huge. We could only finish half of each (though of course we did over-order). Both werent great either, the paellas here lacked the oomph and that umami taste of seafood running through the rice. The best squid ink paella I had in Singapore was at Don Quijote and this really paled in comparison. 

Disappointing really because I so very much wanted to like this place. 

Los Primos Tabernay Tapas Bar
81 Club St, #01-01
Singapore 069449

Monday, January 21, 2013

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

Decided on an "adventurous" bike trip from Punggol all the way to Bishan park one sunny Weekend to check out the brunch menu at Canopy. I love the park connectors, it makes cycling around the island such a breeze and with an hour's worth of cycling behind you, indulging in brunch is not so sinful after all.

Canopy Garden is located right in the middle of Bishan Park and it is one of those warm inviting places filled with kids, cute dogs and healthy happy people. And the great thing about this place being in the heartlands is how reasonable prices are.

Scrambled eggs with toast, a tad too watery for my liking but great portions.

Eggs royale, not too bad rendition considering its only $13! 

Huge-ass pancake, only $6 but it really did taste like Macdonald's one (although some people might be happy about that)

Overall, Canopy is a great place to relax and have brunch at but only if you live nearby. 

Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Bishan Park 2 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 569931
Tel: +65 6556 153

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ramen bar Suzuki

I like any ramen place with free flow eggs and this is no different.

 Table filled with condiments, the basket of eggs and free flow tea. I like places that give you a huge pitcher of water/tea, so much better than having to call the waitress over everytime you need a refill. To all places moaning and whining about the lack of wait staff, perhaps you should consider this?

Ramen bar Suzuki also provides free-flow rice and beansprouts (lunch)/cabbage (dinner). Really great for the big eaters.

The pure white tonkotsu ramen with extra egg was good. I love a thick sweet flavorful soup and this hit the spot. 

The menu also features limited special ramen daily ( 10 sets per lunch/dinner serving). Tried the shrimp one on my second visit but was not a big fan. The 'heibi' flavor was a bit too strong for me and I like my ramen soup cleaner. Will stick to the original ones next time.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
61 Circular Road
Singapore 049415

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ichiban Boshi

I think I am on a chain restaurant spree here but hey they dont get much love in these scenes do they and we frequent them so often.

When it comes to conveyor belt sushi chains, Ichiban boshi is my favorite. We all want tasty, value-for-money portions of food and this is where Ichiban shines. 
The sets featured on the menu are huge and super value-for-money but even though I always tell myself to try other stuff, I usually end up ordering the items below. 

Cha Soba - Al dente without being too clumpy or hard (*cough sushi tei cough*)

 The agedashi tofu comes in a very generous portion. It is done very well too

Salmon sashimi on rice, the rice is flavored with sesame oil and vinegar and is soo fragrant. 

What is your favorite Japanese chain restaurant? 
Mines a toss-up between Ichiban and Itacho

Friday, January 4, 2013


All day breakfast from Cedele, a platter of everything I love. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs w bacon and a generous portion of avocado (mmm). Build a bit of everything into one bite, thats the best way to go about. A pity about the miserable portion of bread.

Cedele's carrot cakes is one of the better versions around. I like my cakes chunky.