Sunday, January 26, 2014

Club Street Social

Popped by for brunch before the Affordable Art Fair (such lies! nothing affordable there unless you settle for "art" that looks like it was drawn by 3 year olds)

I was surprised to find this place mostly empty, guess I am used to crowds at the more popular cafes. I like the deco here, simple industrial chic - brick walls and a classy bar.

Scrambled eggs($12) with toast and additional avocado. Looks ugly but mmm the eggs were perfectly creamy 

Truffled egg toast ($14) , thick toast with a gooey egg and cheese served with a drizzle of truffle oil. Smells like heaven though I thought it got a bit one-note after a while. Give me the scrambled eggs anytime.

Coffee was decent 

Overall, I like this place. Decent and reasonably priced brunch + not too crowded!

Club Street Social 
5 Gemmil Lane

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jamie's Italian

One of the most hyped about restaurants in 2013 - finally trying Jamie's Italian. And boy was I disappointed. I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver so I was suitably excited when I heard he was opening up a place here serving up his classic healthy, hearty dishes.

Visually stunning meat plank 

Every dish was mediocre to average, only the fish was good, very fresh and sweet. The pasta, supposed to be freshly made daily was lacking in flavor. Perhaps we ordered all the wrong stuff? 

1 HarborFront Walk
Tel 67335500

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hua Ting

Sometimes you just crave for some good Cantonese food.
Hua Ting manages to balance the traditional opulence of chinese cuisine with some quirky modern touches (cue artichokes as table decorative) 

The peking duck was not too bad but I dont think I will ever find any as good as Imperial Treasure's super peking duck at Paragon

Green beans with crispy golden mushrooms, I never had them like that before but oh so good! And surprisingly not oily at all, somebody should sell these as a snack.

The obligatory bean curd dish

Signature ribs - so melt-in-your-mouth tender. Delicious. 
(You know the ribs will be good at Chinese restaurants when they serve it on individual plates)

We headed down to watch Broadway Beng (yes this entry is that old) after and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I thought all the dialect jokes will just fly over my head but Sebastian Tan manages to pull off an extremely entertaining performance that Singaporeans of all ages, races and backgrounds can enjoy. Sometimes theatre breaks boundaries and that is just the beauty of it.

Hua Ting
Level 2 Orchard Hotel 422
Orchard Road

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mikuni Pt5?

This will probably be one of my final visits to Mikuni, only because my FAR card expired and its not really worth it to get a new one since the DBS deal no longer exists and honestly, I dont think I will pay full price at Mukuni

Anyway the food here is always consistently good and I have raved about this place plenty of times, just gonna let the pictures do the talking. 

 Very under-rated Japanese dish in my opinion - baked egg plant with miso paste. Its just so darn good. 

The favourite combo - beef and foie gras (still the best in Singapore).
Maybe one day I will miss the food here so much I will succumb to getting the Far card, as till then I have the entertainer app to well entertain me.

Fairmont Singapore 
80 Bras Basah Road, Level 3
Singapore 189560

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Horse's Mouth

When my friends suggested going to Horse's Mouth for ramen and drinks, I was skeptical. First of all, what kind of name is Horse's Mouth and ramen in a bar? Of course, my scepticism went away immediately the moment I stepped into this gorgeous dark bar. This place just gives off a 'cool' vibe, even better the ramen served here is from Uma Uma Ramen located directly above. So now you know where to go if you want to indulge in ramen + cocktail. 

We had the spicy charsiew ramen and the mazesoba which came highly recommended by the very friendly bartenders. The mazesoba is dry ramen with minced pork and runny egg and damm was it kick-ass. (Or as my friend described - bak chor mee on speed)
Extremely flavourful, mix all the ingredients to get the creaminess of the egg + crunchiness of  bamboo shoots + the lovely noodles. 

#B1-39, Forum The shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
6235 1088

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant

Stumbled upon this tiny Japanese place at Cuppage plaza that seemed to be filled with Japanese, good sign I guess? 

Appetizer of broccoli and sesame mayo

 The tempura set was nicely done, crispy and light.

Couldn't resist ordering the chirashi, and this one came with uni! Alas, I thought it wasn't as fresh as it should be. The sashimi slices were sparse too, guess I am too used to the generosity of places like Chikuwatei/Wasabi-tei etc

Overall, Shinjuku is a nice and cozy place for a quick meal in town, also prices are pretty reasonable.

5 Koek Road, #01-01/02
Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734 8436

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back: 2013

Damm, 2013 flew by too fast. I could vividly remember counting down to 2013 (unfortunately was stuck at home with food poisoning ) and suddenly its 2014! Fortunately, this time I was perfectly healthy and spent it over lovely wine, cheese and friends. 

2013 was a pretty good year, the only down side was my health and body in general - probably the year where I went to the doctors the most: food poisoning 3 times, hamstring injury with 6 mths of physio and other small illnesses here and there. Hopefully 2014 will be a healthier year in general.

Heres a look back at some of my favourite meals of 2013:

1. Found my favourite Japanese restaurant with the best Foie Gras and visiting it again and again : Mikuni , Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4

2. Best ramen this year: Keisuke Tori King

3. Ordering fresh seafood and getting them cooked on the spot at Talipapa - Boracay

4. Stuffing myself at Savour 2013, so much fun!

5. Best chirashi still going to Chikuwatei 

6. Going back to Bangkok for my favourite Dinphow Cuisine and falling in love with papaya salad at Som Tum Nua

7. Best steak dinner? At Skirt of course

8. Best brunch : I can't decide between  Department of Caffeine  and Common Man

9. Other great meals include Mexican at lucha Loca and Italian at Pasta Brava. Of course I still have about 2 months left of meals to blog for 2013 lol so perhaps I will count them in the list for next year. 

2014 will be an exciting year, what with the wedding coming up and my new house!
Heres to a Happy and healthy 2014! Cheers!