Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Matsuo Sushi Restaurant

Matsuo has a different special set lunch everyday. 
On Mondays and Fridays, you can order a chiraishi set for $20 which is pretty darn good value.

A colorful bowl filled with fresh seafood, what more can one ask for right?
The set lunch comes with miso soup and chawanmushi. 

Matsuo Sushi Restaurant
1 Goldhill Plaza

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Delicious Cafe

Delicious cafe is a popular chain in KL, so of course I had to order Malay cuisine here. 

I like the decor of the cafe, especially the use of teal accents, very bright and cheery.

Rendang Short ribs was huge! I could hardly finish half of it but it was good. Meat was tender and flavorful, rice soft fluffy and perfectly matched with the sambal and crackers. Too much though, I got really sick of the meat after awhile. A dish for 2 to share definitely. 

The western dishes didnt fare so well, I say stick to Asian.

6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

Teppei is a tiny tempura place located at Orchid Hotel. 
Limited, counter only seating, we got to watch the chef cook every single piece of tempura. How fun!

Teppei serves set lunches for under $20, very value for money. 

Starters included pickled vegetable and simmered lotus root/tofu/carrot. Very yummy and great way to start the meal. 

I opted for the chirashi, a colorful bowl of tuna, roe and grated radish. Very fresh, healthy and tasty.

Will definitely come back for more.

Teppei Japanese Restaurant
1 Tras Link
#01-1863 Orchid Hotel

Friday, October 26, 2012


I am Cantonese so naturally, food in Macau/Hongkong suited me to a T. Dimsum, noodles, roasted meat. Awesome.

Beef brisket at the restaurant in the casinos. Food in casinos are awesome because you can use points to get discounts

Uni, salmon and swordfish(?), bowl of heaven I tell you. Japanese food in Hong kong is so much cheaper and of better quality, as compared to Singapore.

you can never leave this place without the ubiquitous bowl of roast pork and char siew. Nobody does it better. 

Famous pork chop bun from Macau. The kind folks at Vatican Hotel persuaded the owner to open up a branch there so no more long queues. So darn good. 

More roast meat. Cant get enough.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Revisiting Coastal Settlement

Another pop-by for Brunch, since I live pretty nearby and good cafes are practically non existent in the East, Coastal Settlement looks to be one of my regulars.

Tried the toasties this time, and it was HUGE.

Thick ham and gooey cheese sandwiches with a serving of potato salad. Carbs overload and a definite must-share. I ended up bringing back half my meal in a doggy bag.

Breakfast choices however are limited though, if you are craving for scrambled eggs/ eggs ben I would recommend you head to Lots instead.

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
6475 0200

Friday, October 19, 2012

Revisiting Ting Heng Steamboat

Ting Heng is still hands down, my favorite steamboat place in Singapore

Gorgeous, marbled, melt in your mouth beef

Paired with sweet soup, fresh fish and those yummy handmade meatballs.

Sure its pricey but at least here you know you are getting quality fresh stuff. 

Ting Heng Seafood restaurant
Blk 82 Tiong Poh Road
6323 6093

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Many popular chain stores are making their way to Singapore, probably starting with Paul followed by Dean & Delucca and Paris Baguette. Hopefully the likes of Laduree and such will start moving to the little red dot too

Had the spinach quiche

And the sirloin

Both were ok, nothing much to shout about. Frankly I did think Paul's is a tad overhyped. 
And if I wanted to indulge a good piece of pastry, I would rather head down to Tiong Bahru bakery any day.

391A Orchard Road
#03-16 Ngee Ann City Tower A

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Ubin Seafood

Nothing else to say other than New Ubin Seafood sells damm good tze char.
Located in the middle of nowhere, next to some car workshops, the crowd at New Ubin proves that the food is really worth traveling for. 

The hokkien mee was full of seafood goodness and sinful lard. 

Signature rib-eye with caramelized onions and wedges did not disappoint. Arriving on a wooden block in all its glory, the beef was tender and juicy. But the highlight of my meal was the amazing fried rice served after, cooked in beef fat. Utterly sinful and unhealthy but oh soooo good. 
Must Try. 

New Ubin Seafood
Blk 27 Sin Ming Road (Behind Blk 26)
#01-174 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A
6466 9558
This place is pretty popular, reservations are a must.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nolboo Hangari Galbi

Am glad that us Easties are seeing a greater variety of restaurants near us. I12 Katong (such a silly but catchy name) brings with it a whole slew of familiar restaurants, one of it being Nolboo Hangari.

Usual Korean side dishes (which wasnt refillable bah), variety wasnt great either

Fact: Soju only tastes good with lemon

Very amused by the woman at the bottom of our glasses

Food-wise, I think everything was a bit pedestrian. Not exactly value-for-money either since one could probably find cheaper and nicer Korean food in the Tanjong Pagar area. 

Nolboo Hangari Galbi
i12 Katong 
112 East Coast Road #03-06

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Restaurant Week : Table at 7

For a restaurant week diningcity starr restaurant, I was really disappointed with the menu at Table at 7
Portions were tiny and food was mediocre. 

The steak was about half the size of Trattoria Lafiandra's, did not taste as good and cost $15++ more (similar 3 course meal too) 

THere are some who avoid Restaurant Week because they believe that some restaurants make use of this opportunity to test new dishes which may or may not be well received. I think this was the case here. While I am not sure if a normal meal at Table at 7 will be of a similar quality, I am not eager to find out. I did go check out their menu for Restaurant Week this year and it looks much better - 5 course and truffles to boot.