Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tony Romas

Tony Romas is one of those old-school American establishments that comes to your mind when you want to bring your family out for a "western meal".
When I was young, we would go to Tony Roma's/Kenny Rogers/ Country Manna 

Decided to pop in one day due to a massive craving for ribs.

The restaurant doesnt look like it has changed in the past 20 years. Comfortably dim complete with neon signs featuring beer brands and those old-fashioned stained glass.
The clientele still remains the same - mostly families. A very cozy, laid-back atmosphere.
Surprisingly, this place was very popular and we had to queue for almost half an hour to get a table.

The starters platter. 
Famous onion loaf, buffalo wings, celery with dip and the spinach dip. Complete with salsa and bleu cheese dressing. 

The view from the top.
The signature onion loaf was nicely cooked, sweet and crispy but nothing really spectacular.
The buffalo wings were not bad as well but I think my favorite part of this dish was dipping the celery into the bleu cheese dressing. Now that was great haha

We also ordered the St Louis rib sampler which comes in 4 flavor: Original, Carolina Honeys™, Blue Ridge Smokies™ and Tony Roma’s Red Hots™.
Now try as hard as we could, we couldnt really tell the difference between the 4 flavors. 
The ribs were pretty good, meat falling off the bone and nicely marinated.
Each rib platter comes with your choice of 2 sides. The fries were great (esp with the bleu cheese dressing from the platter lol) but the coleslaw had a tad too much herbs for our liking.

Being an American joint, the servings were HUGE. Can you believe that the ribs above are meant for 1?
The both of us could not even make our way through half of each dish. 
Thankfully the staff there were kind enough to doggy back our leftovers for us. 
Advice: Share.

I like Tony Roma's for its unpretentious atmosphere, great ribs and the childhood memories it brings :)

Tony Roma's
442 Orchard Road, #01-04/05 Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade
 6738 8600