Sunday, July 27, 2014

Drury Lane

You can't miss its cheery red entrance along tangoing pagar. Now Drury Lane is one hipster cafe - water served in glass (medicinal) bottles, crates and naked light bulbs hanging around. 

This place serves your typical brunch items but I thought they were pretty good and reasonably priced, no one wants to pay upwards of $25 for eggs right.

Eggs ben with salmon

My big breakfast because I was starving. Love the creamy eggs and smokey beans. You can easily tell when baked beans are from a can (hint- dont serve them, ever)

My only mild feedback would be to put in more effort into the decor - everything seem to be mildly dusty for some reason.

94 Tanjong Pagar Road
 65 62226698

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cookout - April 2014

Mmmm cook out with friends, lots of wine, cheese and home-cooked food.

Quinoa salad - very healthy yes!

Roasted chicken with lemon, and baked egg plant and tofu with miso (dammm good)

And another shot!

Ending off our meal with the best macarons from Pierre Herme. 
Specially flown down from Paris :) 

Monday, July 14, 2014


A way much better experience than Joel Robuchon!
Not sure if they knew we had previously "complained" about service over at Joel but service at Osia was excellent - attentive, friendly, detailed oriented. (Then again, they treated every table the same as far as we could tell so another plus!)

Garlic  and pesto (?) bread served with butter, olive oil and home made garlic feta. That garlic feta was amazing, strong and creamy and delicious on the warm flat bread. I had to be careful not to gouge myself less I get too full for the next courses (mission failed btw)

The delicious garlic feta, the chef makes theses spreads and there are a few different flavours, depending on his mood. He should sell these man

Foie Gras (love the plating), pardon the picture, lighting was horrid.
Nicely cooked and paired perfectly with beetroot.

Tenderloin - a very generous chunk on top creamed sunchoke with some tomato rice puffs and a red wine sauce. That creamed sunchoke was delicious, light yet performing that 'starch' role perfectly well. And I love the rich wine sauce, I usually prefer to eat my meat "naked" but in this case, the sauce really brought out the flavour much more intensely


Chocolate soup (or undercooked chocolate cake?) with black pepper ice cream. That ice cream was interesting but not a fan of the peppery aftertaste. Chocolate soup was thick, rich and gratifying, I could not muster more than 3 bites but of course this was right up the boy's alley who finished off both. 

I had a really good meal here. Finally a celebrity chef restaurant  worth visiting.

Level 2, World Square (Resorts World Sentosa)
8 Sentosa Gateway

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Miam Miam

Strange name for a strange cafe (French-Japanese cuisine) I can't quite fathom what would be on the menu.

Squid Ink black rice and egg. (How is this french?) But the egg was really fluffy and the rice flavourful.

Miam Miam Spagetti (wait should this place be italian-japanese instead?) 
Spagetti topped with bacon, spinach, tomato and yes that perfect runny egg. Break, stir and eat.  Pretty delicious.

Desserts were disappointing, we had the pancake which was more like a dry dense cake.

Overall, a nice casual dining place with reasonable prices. no complains.

#02-14 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Four Seasons duck (London)

So this was my first time in London and I must confess that every time I hear people talk about four seasons duck, I assumed it was duck found at four seasons the hotel. -sua ku-

Trooped down here on a cold evening, waited 30 mins for a table in one of the most cramped restaurants I have ever seen. It is amazing how many tables the owner managed to fit into that space. 

Ok so ordered duck + roasted meat. And mann the duck was amazing, I must admit my expectations weren't high because hey we get pretty good duck in Singapore. But this duck was flavourful and sinfully fatty with that kick-ass sauce. mmm so good. 

Ending this with the obligatory 'view from the plane' photo because wow 

84 Queensway, Bayswater
 (Alight at Bayswater station, turn left and cross the road)
London W2 3RL