Friday, May 4, 2012

Mortons' Steak house

For Christmas 2011, Edwin wanted a nice steak dinner, so what better place to go then to Morton's right?
Now this place is traditionally American, so portions are huge. 
Apologize in advance for the poorer quality of the pictures, place was dark!

Onion loaf the size of my face. Had to resist stuffing myself with too much bread

We opted for the surf and turf meal (its not on the menu but request for it and they will present it to you on a small card). I thought it was pretty value-for-money, I cant eat a huge chunk of meat anyway. 

First course was the caesar salad, a mountain of iceberg and what looks like a normal main-course portion. Once again, had to resist filling up my stomach #firstworldpains
Salad was alright but I guess nobody really gives a damm about the quality of the salad at Morton's

Whats red meat without some red wine. 

Edwin had the bacon wrapped scallops with the fillet. Scallops were plump and juicy though the accompanying jam paste was a bit redundant. Dont think much needs to be said about the meat, we all know that Morton's standard is up there. 

I opted for the crabcake. And damm was it good. Fresh and sweet chunks of crab held with very little flour (or the 'cake' component).  I would come back here just for the crabcakes alone

But since this is a post about Morton's, let me just throw in a picture of the steak closeup.
Btw, I could only finish about 1/3 of it, we had to pack quite a bit back.

The meal came with other sides as well - we had the spinach + mushrooms and the sliced potatoes. Both were decent. 

Morton's was a lovely experience and I think one that everyone should have. Yes its not cheap but good quality food + service has a price.