Monday, August 9, 2010


Located at  Pan Pacific service apartment, Oriole is famous is a cozy little dining establishment that is famous for its coffee.

The interior is sufficiently homely with dim lighting; dining in here transports you to another place. Somewhere far from the blinding lights of the other dining outlets at 313 that hits you the moment you step out.

As mentioned, Oriole is famous its coffee; with the owner having won several accolades for his caffeine creations. An honor that I think he rightly deserves because I really do love the coffee here.

The piccolo latte ($5.5) is probably the best version I have had in Singapore. Full-bodied with a wonder aroma,it really hits me at all the right places. I highly recommend ordering some joe when you come here.

Food-wise unfortunately, I feel that standards at Oriole have dropped further since the last I came.
For a place with such a crowd and such great coffee, the food is really disappointingly average.

The capellini crabmeat ($24) with great chunks of crabmeat tasted just fine. Nothing really outstanding.

The special of that day was the grilled barracuda with raisin cous-cous, shrimps and mussels ($28) was bitterly disappointed. What arrived was just the fish, none of the sides mentioned.
When questioned, the waitress simply replied that there was a printing error on the menu. There was no offers of a change in dish/making up for their mistake. We eventually had to ask them for a discount because come on, this was not being very fair to customers right?

Service was also very very slow. We waited almost 30 minutes for our food. 

Overall, I think all of us felt pretty much disappointed with Oriole and personally, I dont think I am coming back for a long long time. Maybe only for coffee.

96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suite
6238 8348