Thursday, November 28, 2013

Addictions Cafe

So after months of wedding venue searching, it ends here finally! (With less than 8 mths before the big day, talk about cutting it close).

We love this place because of the huge event space + tent age which mean that we get to have that outdoor wedding we always wanted without having to worry about wet weather plans. Bonus is the pretty water feature and the separate area for solemnisation. 

Cons - Pretty pricey overall and not great service. 

Venue aside we did come down for a meal before deciding whether we wanted the place. Fortunately, the food was good. 

Short ribs - tender and flavourful though of course can't be compared to the awesome one at Bistro Du Vin

Lamb burger with sweet potato crisps. I dont usually take lamb but this was good, none of that gamey smell. The meat was moist and savoury and I couldn't stop eating the crisps.

 Stick date pudding was so-so, too dense that it came out more like a cake

22 Dempsey Road

Sunday, November 24, 2013

La Ristrettos

Now this is one hard to find place even though it is near Novena mrt. I wonder why one would think to locate a cafe in the midst of a building full of healthcare clinics but I guess it attracts the doctors?

Maybe because of its location, La Ristrettos overlooks a nice garden with a water feature. Very calming and peaceful for doctors and patients alike.

The cafe serves all-day breakfast, I had the Grande (scramble eggs, mushrooms, bacon, sausage and salad). I love how colourful the plate looks, especially that glistering cherry tomatoes. Pretty good plate of food at a reasonable price ($14).

Coffee was decent.

The only grouse I had about this place is the seating - communal style (aka large table right in the middle), making it quite tough to find seats. Nobody likes to sit with strangers esp when you are catching up with old friends

La Ristrettos
10 Sinaran Drive #08-37 Singapore 307506
Novena Medical Centre
Tel 63977165

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wasabi Tei

Wasabi Tei is one established place for good, affordable Japanese fare. It was my first time there (horrors) and I enjoyed this cozy little place.  There is a new outlet just 2 doors away from the old school one, but as all typical Singaporeans, we all queued to get into the old outlet.

The restaurant probably sits at most 16 with the chef right in the middle of the u-shape counter, so everyone gets to see exactly what the chef is putting into your food. As usual, went for the chirashi don (~$25) which was piled high with so much sashimi all of us had trouble finishing. 

I know people may not like the service here but I find the chef's caustic attitude quite endearing. That said, my opinion is probably biased because he gave us more leftover sword-fish halfway thru our meal (yay!)
His assistant did make up for any bad attitude, she was friendly and chirpy, making an effort to chit-chat with customers. Already looking forward to my next visit!

(be prepared to queue)

14 Scotts Road

#05-70 Far East Plaza

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Stumbled upon this beach side cafe at Siloso beach (we frequent Tanjong Beach more often and never knew there was a stretch of eateries at Siloso).

And I must say, I am impressed! How often do you find reasonably-priced fare in Sentosa and with such a great view.

The breakfast items were pretty decent, large servings and affordable (everything was about~$15 and no gst/service charge).

French toast with scrambled eggs 

Croissant with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado

 Eggs ben - I know the hollandaise sauce looks iffy but tasted pretty good.

 The caramel sauce on the pancake was the bomb- think wethers original sweets melted into a thick sticky sauce. Soo good but def a to-share dish. 

Def coming back when I visit Sentosa.

#01-05 50 Siloso Beach Walk

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Platypus Kitchen

The menu here reads like a (delicious) dream, truffle everything! Unfortunately everything was a little too nuanced, pretty unforgivable if you are going to add truffle to all your dishes, I mean you would expect an explosion of flavours right?
That say, everything was very reasonably priced, so you know where to go if you want to get truffles for cheap just dont expect too much.

Generous serving of truffle and parmesan fries

Risotto balls on pumpkin puree, this was weirdly sour.

Squid ink linguine + seafood

Mushroom risotto + truffles

#03-29, Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
6333 4434