Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fordham & Grand

Wow this place was much smaller than I thought and pretty dark too. Overall I thought the food was ok, decent, but nothing we tried really stood out.

Lobster linguini - probably my favourite dish of the night. The pasta was nicely seasoned and spicy. 

Roasted spring chicken with foie gras and potatoes. The portion of foie gras was really quite sad, small little cubes of liver that I can't quite remember how it tasted.

Scallops and crab tortellini - do not order this if you are hungry. Seriously tiny portion but the scallops were sweet and fresh. 

Striploin with fries. Average slab of meat but hey the fries were pretty good! I love golden brown fries yum

Dessert was a french toast with rum sabayon (I dont taste no rum) and a pretty delicious banana cake. I dont eat banana cake that often but this was moist and caramelised bananas are always welcome.

I know this post seems pretty ho-hum, that happens when I blog about something 4 months later, and about a particularly uninspiring meal. Shall vow to be more updated man

43 Craig Road
Singapore 089681
6221 3088

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sushi Kuu

Ok so this meal happened in January but I am calling it - this will probably be one of my top 10 meals of 2014.

Anniversary dinner - Omakase at Sushi Kuu. Admittedly when I walked in, I was disappointed. The decor was too casual, not really what you expect of a nice Japanese restaurant. Thankfully I was proven wrong.

Started off with Onsen Tamago mmm I love runny eggs. This was very nicely seasoned and every scoop of egg with the salty roe bursting with flavour and creamy uni - awesome.

More roe! Over a bed of cold radish.

Next up - the sashimi course. Which was glorious and so beautifully plated that I almost couldn't bear to eat it. Big sweet prawn, platter of shellfish, sea bream filled with uni and oh 2 thick slices of fatty, melt-in-your-mouth otoro that made me not feel like eating anything else because I wanted that taste to last forever. Best sashimi course at an Omakase. ever. 

And you can get your prawn head fried! 

Wagyu beef and grilled cod.  The beef was definitely the better of the 2 options, tender and delicious.

Starting to get full but lets press on. Next course was tempura vs steamed egg (with more roe!)
Featuring snow crab and a light as air batter, the tempura was the stronger of both dishes.

And the sushi course featuring more otoro! The salmon belly wrapped with lettuce was delightful 

Ended the meal with panna cotta (which I didnt touch cos I was too stuffed).

Seriously a great meal. Well worth the $150++ price tag.

390 Orchard Road
Palais Renaissance #01-07
Tel 67360100

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

South Coast, MBS

A quick lunch at South Coast before heading for ArtStage Singapore. 
These days, if we do not know what to eat we will whip out the Entertainer app and try one of the deals nearby, I guess at least the concept the app is trying to sell works eh.

South Coast is one of the several restaurants by the boardwalk outside MBS so you get a nice view of the bay and tourists milling around outside the art science museum. Portions here are huge, we got the fish and chips  + wagyu burger. The fish was the better of the 2 dishes, didn't particularly like the burger of its fried bun, just too heavy overall.

Soo 3rd year at ArtStage and I thought this year's was the best showing I have been too. Somehow the exhibits were more interesting and relatable. 

Artwork of bugs- beautifully creepy

And my favourite piece, a ridiculously lifelike 3d drawing. So in awe of the talent that I was secretly relieved the artist's works had all been sold (but of course) because I might have plonked down that 5-8 grand for these drawings.

And lastly, Happy 8th Anniversary! Cant believe how time flies 

 10 Bayfront Avenue, 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-85, Singapore 018956
 6688 7600

Monday, March 31, 2014

Tanjong Beach Club Revisit

Back to TBC for brunch because we have 1-for-1 with the entertainer app! The entertainer app is pretty awesome, with sweet food deals at tons of places!

Couldn't resist the sweets - dont the donuts look lovely?

Brunch was the TBC burger, pretty good one I must say but wow the coffee here suck balls.

120 Tanjong Beach Walk
Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tim Ho Wan

So we waited a good 6 months for the hype to die down before daring to venture anywhere near this place.  Good thing too cos we only have to queue for less than 10 mins.  Tim Ho Wan is definitely not a place for big family/friends gathering (which is how I like to eat my dim sum), more of a hey the queue is short lets eat here kind of place.

Honestly, I thought it was over-rated. Some items were good, some average and nothing was really life-changing. Imperial Treasure  (specifically the super peking duck brunch) still remains my top dim sum place in Singapore. 

Of the 4 heavenly kings, I thought the carrot cake was the worst. Not much taste nor texture.

With the Malay cake faring the best. Granted I dont typically order this but Tim Ho Wan's version was very soft and moist. Just the right amount of sweetness too.

And lastly the baked bbq pork buns. This was good too, I love the crispy crust that blended in with the sweetness of the meat. Unfortunately I had to compare this with the awesome polo buns served at Carlton's Wah Lok and the latter was a superior version.

68 Orchard Road 
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Matsuo Sushi Restaurant - Revisit

I call this the chirashi that started it all.  The first time I fell in love with chirashi hence starting my journey into trying all available chirashis in Singapore.

Available Mondays and Fridays (set lunch) so do plan your lunches on these days!
Theres just something special and comforting about this particular chirashi. You know how you can never forget your first love? Yes eating this is exactly it, somehow everything just taste fresher and sweeter.  

1 Goldhill Plaza

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Year's eve

Finally finishing up 2013! This year's countdown was a quiet affair, just a nice dinner with friends. Great way to welcome 2014 - no hustling with any crowds, good food + wine + company and infinitely better than last year when I was down with food poisoning. 

Baked chicken - before

And after! 

This chicken was stuffed with pork and beef (a chipoeef? bee-por-ken? ) 
Anyhows, it was delicious.

Speaking of delicious - lotus biscuit spread. So good, so sinful.