Monday, January 26, 2015

Hakata Ikkousha

Wanted to eat ramen but not willing to brave the long queue at Orchid Hotel
And then we remembered the ramen joint just across the road at Tanjong  Pagar Plaza

So apparently this won Ramen Champion in 2011 and 2012 (why so empty!) and I must say the ramen was pretty good.

The original tonkotsu ramen had a rich creamy broth 

I am not a fan of Black Ramen because I usually find the garlic taste overwhelming but the hubby liked it.

So seriously, dont have to queue so long for tonkotsu ramen next time your at tanjong pager. 
Equally good one just 5 mins away :)

Block 7, #01-104
Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 081007

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coq n Balls

Date night at the very cheeky Coq n Balls @ tiong bahru
It was sports night so place was pretty packed and rowdy, probably not the ideal place for a date haha but we wanted to watch soccer lol.
Menu was typical sports bar fare.

Namesake burger with wagyu beef patty, bacon, guacamole, onions, tomatoes etc etc
The burger itself was rather ordinary but what stood out were the fries in that awesome cheese dip.
So good we got more fries just to eat the dip. 

  Crispy garlic chicken on mash. This was ok but a bit one note with the garlic overpowering the dish.

Come here for the atmosphere and that cheese dip.

6 kim tian road
Kai Fook Mansion
Singapore 169246

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mellben Seafood @ Opal Crescent

Wow I didn't know there was a Mellben Seafood here and apparently so do a lot of people cos this place was pretty empty. Yay no long waiting times for crabs!


Awesome crab bee hoon soup. Soup full of crab essence, so rich and so good.
The crabs here were really fresh and sweet too.
Tip :Remember to order extra bowl of soup because one pot is not enough. Also ask for less noodles, that way you get more soup!


So we never knew Mellben sells Laksa Crab. Sooo darn good, that thick laksa broth went really well with the sweet crab plus lots and lots of cockles (ok we added more cockles)
Btw not all Mellben serves Laksa crab, for example the famous AMK branch does not, so do call and check before heading down.



9 Opal Crescent
6509 0918

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Revisit: Bedrock

Blogged about Bedrock here and here so not going to go into too much details just that Bedrock remains one of my favorite places to dine at and still the best place for a steak dinner.
I had the ribeye this time and I still very much prefer the pepper steak.

Steak (split half cos there is no way I can finish a 400g steak)

Arguably better than the steak? Mac and cheese mmm

Went in a bigger group this time round and had the chance of trying other sides + desserts.
The apple crumble was delightful. 

 Remember to get the Entertainer app before you head down to Bedrock. Cant beat 1-for-1 deals.
Sole reason why we got the 2015 version, here's to more great meals in this new year!

96 Somerset Road
#01-05 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard
Singapore 238163

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Boston Seafood Shack

The lobster roll trend is going strong here, with many restaurants jumping on the bandwagon; kudos to Boston Seafood Shack for being one of the first ones to introduce a "budget" version.

Going at only $18, I wasnt expecting much when I ordered this. But hey maybe lowering expectations worked because I was pleasantly surprised that this was pretty tasty and chockful with ingredients albeit not all lobster (what you expect, only $18 )
If only the bun was softer. Tasted like the Gardenia hotdog bun, maybe it was.

Went to the one at Tampines
#B1-02 Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529510
6789 6166

Friday, December 19, 2014

Two Wings + Immanuel French Kitchen

Salute coffeeshop at Bukit Merah must be the coolest coffeeshop in Singapore. The typical drink stall sells unique draft beer and then we have your choice of Western food - French, Seafood, German and lastly Two Wings.

Too many options and too little stomach space (just the two of us that day) so we decided on 2 stalls.

Duck confit from Immanuel French Kitchen. Very creamy mash and I love that the duck confit wasnt too salty. Great dish and very good price of course haha

Couldnt resist this. Huge plate of cheese fries from two wings. Tasted like how it looked I guess, gooey delicious sinfulness.

Finally. What we came here for, wings from two wings and damm were they good. Crispy and wonderfully marinated with a good crunch. Probably the best wings I have had in Singapore.
Must try. 

Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
 Singapore 151119

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tokyo Diary Pt 5 - July 2014

Only in Japan - weirdly shaped, ridiculously expensive fruit. I love going to the supermarkets, all sorts of interesting stuff to see + free samples! 

Popped by Uoriki Kaisen Sushi (B1 Tokyu Dept store, connected to Shibuya station) for another sashimi breakfast. The fish here was extremely fresh and so cheap! Highly recommended!

Chirashi Don

My sushi set. So good.  (Btw this cost less than SGD20) 

I amused the chef by butchering my request for uni sushi. But omg, this was so good and fresh I basically moaned in the restaurant eating this. And only SGD3. Sigh I miss Japan. 

At the museum of yebisu beer which was quite disappointing, far too small; we completed the tour in about 15 mins. 

Our favourite place in Tokyo - Uniqlo! I spent at least $500 there but I just love the basics, so comfy + Tokyo has a large range of cool tees + 11 floors Uniqlo -gasp-

big bowl of sukiyaki pork on rice (btw this was a small) at a random vending machine shop 

Day trip to Odaiba, so much fun. I love looking at all the vintage stores here including the old school arcade 

And old school sweets 

Whats Japan without some robots

Gorgeous view on the train towards odaiba

Rounded off our last night in Nagoya where we indulged in bbq once again. Awesome being able to order the best cuts of meat and paying a fraction of what we expect to pay in Singapore. Who says food in Japan is expensive!