Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Revisit: 40 Hands

Having visited so many cafes, 40 hands still remains one of my favourites. 

Coffee here is still wonderfully fragrant, rich and just the right amount of acidity 

And of course the salmon hash with fries. So good that all of us got the exact same dish. Cubes of salmon coated in the rich decadent cream sauce, I love dipping the fries in it. 

78 Yong Siak Street
#01-12 Tiong Bahru

Monday, September 29, 2014

Prive Cafe

I personally feel that the standards at Prive has dropped dramatically, sure it has a nice view but given  its price-point, you would expect something better, especially with the intense cafe competition. The traditional big breakfast was very average, feels like something one can whip up at home. The baked eggs were basically raw eggs in tomato sauce and when we asked the waitress we were told "they are like this" ok...if you say so

Tried the Japanese purple sweet potato and miso chiffon cake, def a strange combination and an acquired taste ( as in I was the only one who liked it)

2 Keppel Bay Vista,
6776 0777

Sunday, September 28, 2014

One Man Coffee

Day off for wedding prep = cafe scouting!
We drove past upper thomson road several times trying to find One Man Coffee, turns out they share a storefront with Crust Pizza Bar and that was the only sign we saw, get a bigger sign please!

Coffee was rich and fragrant, just the way I like it

Loving the presentation of breakfast. Yes true hipster at heart, I like eating off wooden blocks
Gashouse egg is essentially toast, cheese and a gooey runny egg in the middle. Simple but oh so delicious, esp when paired with that bacon jam.

Big breakie features poached egg on spinach, several cherry tomatoes and ham on bread. It looks quite healthy as far as big breakfast goes. I love how generous they are with the tomatoes.

And the much raved about Brioche French toast. Maybe I had too high expectations but I didn't think they were fantastic, a bit too soggy for me though I liked the berry compote. 

Overall, I like this place + everything was reasonably priced (<$15). Quite a small place though I imagine finding seats must be a nightmare during the weekend. 

Took a detour to the nearby reservoir. Singapore can be so pretty! 

215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349
 6456 1555

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Was pretty darn excited when I saw L'Entrecote at the revamped Suntec City mall. No more queuing at Duxton! I had a pretty magical experience at the Duxton brunch, first time having steak frites (unlimited fries!)

Alas I wasn't able to mimic the experience here, perhaps it was the atmosphere - the Duxton outlet is small, crowded and very lively. 

Skip the french onion soup - a little too watered down

Boy had the duck confit with rice. Was alright I guess, wasn't too interested when there was steak in front of me 

So the main course to order - steak frites with a mountain of fries (seriously, would anyone go for another serving?)  I like my steak thin and even better, pre-sliced (I'm lazy). 
Of course, for this price ($29.90) you can't expect top quality meat but still rather enjoyable with the nice creamy brown herb sauce.

Suntec City 
6690 7569

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hoe Kee Porridge

My new love - pork porridge + a raw egg + raw fish from Hoe Kee at Maxwell 
They are ridiculously generous with the raw fish, $5 buys you a hugeeee portion. Perfectly seasoned with sesame, lime, chilli and spring onions. Yum

Maxwell Food Centre

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alex Eating House

I am a typical cantonese so I loveeee shao la.

Alex Eating House is one of my favourite place to get my fix of charsiew/roast duck/roast pork etc. 
The char skew here is especially good - sweet and tender. 
Oh and prices here are reasonable, esp the soups (only $1.50 per bowl) though nothing fantastic lah. Just that so cheap must order. 

One more close up for good measure.

My favourite combo is the roast duck + char siew (add egg). Whats yours?

Always a must - cross the road over to Shaw Towers for Tom's Palette. 

87 Beach Road, #01-01
Chye Sing Building 
 6334 0268

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cafe Iguana

Always a safe choice for mexican food, I love the frozen margaritas here. Admittedly not as authentic  and flavourful as say Locho Loco but Cafe Iguana is just comfort food (probably from the countless visits as an undergrad) 

Hot wings and crispy tortilla chips, can never go wrong with these appetizers

So we got a little of everything. Huge burritos stuffed with chicken,rice and beans. The chimichangas  (deep fried tortillas) served with sour cream and guacamole was a crowd favourite. And of course the sizzling fajitas where you can create your own taco (mine is filled with too much guacamole)

This place is usually always packed, so do make a reservation

30 Merchant Road
#01-03, Riverside Point