Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artichoke Cafe and Bar

The moment I stepped into Artichoke cafe and bar, I knew I would like it.
nestled in the middle of sculpture square (where the old secret garden used to be), it manages to provide a cosy homely feeling. In town.

Chalkboard walls outline the specials of the day
A personalized name tag when you make reservations.
It is always that special touch that makes a difference. And this place continues with that throughout the meal. Nice.

Artichoke encourages communal dining and mains are meant to be shared amongst friends.

Of course we had to order the grilled artichoke. Very fragrant and tasty, great way to whet one's appetite.

The baked veal (I believe, I cant remember!) Served with a side of greens and topped with breadcrumbs. 
Inside was full of yummy goodness like mushrooms and tomatoes. 
Really hearty and homely

The kurobuta pork chop with celery.
Ahh the pork was soft and tender, this was sooo good. 

Look at how wonderfully pink and moist it is!

The whole chicken with spices, couscous and a side of salad.
I love love love couscous so i might be bias here but ah this was fantastic as well. Great dish for sharing.

Overall, the food exceeded my expectations and I had a very lovely meal.
What made it better was the service. Wonderfully cheery staff and once when my friend accidentally spilled her water, 2 (yes 2!) of them rushed to help her. 

On the way out, we were even presented with a tiny paper bag of gummy worms. How cute!
I will definitely come back to try the rest of the items :) 

Artichoke Cafe and Bar
161 Middle Road 
Inside Sculpture Square
6336 6949 
(Reservations are recommend)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ban Heng Seafood Restaurant

My mum was pretty excited when she found out the new restaurant at Aranda country club was going to be Ban Heng seafood restaurant. Apparently it used to be a pretty popular Teochew restaurant.

Members of Aranda were able to order a crab dish at $10 (single crab), pretty good deal.
We went for the chilli crab and an additional salted-egg yolk crab.

Other dishes we ordered

Food was decent but really nothing outstanding though i did think the cold dish and the toufu dish was not bad. 
Worth a try if you are members of Aranda.

Ban Heng Seafood Restaurant
60 Pasir ris drive 3
Aranda Country Club
6585 1770