Monday, January 3, 2011

Ban Heng Seafood Restaurant

My mum was pretty excited when she found out the new restaurant at Aranda country club was going to be Ban Heng seafood restaurant. Apparently it used to be a pretty popular Teochew restaurant.

Members of Aranda were able to order a crab dish at $10 (single crab), pretty good deal.
We went for the chilli crab and an additional salted-egg yolk crab.

Other dishes we ordered

Food was decent but really nothing outstanding though i did think the cold dish and the toufu dish was not bad. 
Worth a try if you are members of Aranda.

Ban Heng Seafood Restaurant
60 Pasir ris drive 3
Aranda Country Club
6585 1770


  1. a get together of 20+ adult at your restaur last sunday for a lacarte buffet dishes we told the chief China waitress who is in charge,of ants on the table top unwillingly she changed our table and the consequences of that table is their food were delayed serving, dish come one after another whereas the other two tables the dishes came flowing.. tell your girls esp the thin lean tall china waitress not to be so snobbish and have some customer orientated manner we paid for the food tho now i would like to complain that the port ribs meat are too tough and the vege are too salty, the prawns were real small compared to the last time we had.. i would like to come again and give your compliment and not complain.. well there is still room for improvement...keep it up!

  2. perhaps you could try emailing the management of the restaurant? Its not mine, I was just a customer like you!

  3. A total of 14 pax (2 table - 7pax each). We went to Ban Heng Restaurant @ Aranda Club for alacarte buffet dinner on 18 Dec (Sun)
    Food and service - so so... (nothing impressed me)
    Cereal prawn - too small
    Slice fish - very salty
    Ordered - goose meal (not serve)
    Ordered fruit salad with prawn (served one table only) reminded the waiter & waitress four times & it was served.
    We asked for a 2nd plate, and waited for sometimes, and the waitress inform us that there is no more fruit salad with prawn!!!
    Ordered Cod fish - not serve at all, none of them bother to follow up. What a shame, call it Buffet a la carte but good dish didn't serve only served the dish
    will not recommend the restaurant to anyone to dine there

  4. Thanks for the feedback, yeah i dont think I will ever go back