Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sangokai Japanese Restaurant

Sangokai is located in Upper Thomson Road, alongside a whole stretch of different eateries. 
At first glance, this place looked potentially disappointing (i.e. practically empty on a Sat evening)
but Sangokai was really surprisingly delicious!

Unagi roll served slightly warm.
Sweet plump eel, tempura prawn and crab meat. Always a winning combi.

Baked Scallop was awesome!
Reasonably priced (6 for $13), squeeze some lemon juice, slurp up the entire thing.
Savor the salty roe + cheese mixed with that wonderful umami shellfish taste.
Fresh and sweet :)

The curry baked rice was the restaurant's recommended dish
While the portion might not be big, the sheer amount of cheese and curry made eating the entire dish abit tough but great for sharing!

Potatoes, sweet potatoes (!) and chunks of beef mixed with curry, rice and cheese.
Comfort food and really quite good.

Perhaps there were too little customers that night but the service during my visit was fantastic.
Attentive and cheerful without being too "in-your-face"

An ongoing promotion: pay with nets/cash and get 15% off your total bill. 
Pretty good deal!

Sangokai Japanese Restaurant
203 Upper Thomson Road