Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wasabi Tei

Wasabi Tei is one established place for good, affordable Japanese fare. It was my first time there (horrors) and I enjoyed this cozy little place.  There is a new outlet just 2 doors away from the old school one, but as all typical Singaporeans, we all queued to get into the old outlet.

The restaurant probably sits at most 16 with the chef right in the middle of the u-shape counter, so everyone gets to see exactly what the chef is putting into your food. As usual, went for the chirashi don (~$25) which was piled high with so much sashimi all of us had trouble finishing. 

I know people may not like the service here but I find the chef's caustic attitude quite endearing. That said, my opinion is probably biased because he gave us more leftover sword-fish halfway thru our meal (yay!)
His assistant did make up for any bad attitude, she was friendly and chirpy, making an effort to chit-chat with customers. Already looking forward to my next visit!

(be prepared to queue)

14 Scotts Road

#05-70 Far East Plaza

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