Thursday, July 3, 2014

Four Seasons duck (London)

So this was my first time in London and I must confess that every time I hear people talk about four seasons duck, I assumed it was duck found at four seasons the hotel. -sua ku-

Trooped down here on a cold evening, waited 30 mins for a table in one of the most cramped restaurants I have ever seen. It is amazing how many tables the owner managed to fit into that space. 

Ok so ordered duck + roasted meat. And mann the duck was amazing, I must admit my expectations weren't high because hey we get pretty good duck in Singapore. But this duck was flavourful and sinfully fatty with that kick-ass sauce. mmm so good. 

Ending this with the obligatory 'view from the plane' photo because wow 

84 Queensway, Bayswater
 (Alight at Bayswater station, turn left and cross the road)
London W2 3RL

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