Monday, July 14, 2014


A way much better experience than Joel Robuchon!
Not sure if they knew we had previously "complained" about service over at Joel but service at Osia was excellent - attentive, friendly, detailed oriented. (Then again, they treated every table the same as far as we could tell so another plus!)

Garlic  and pesto (?) bread served with butter, olive oil and home made garlic feta. That garlic feta was amazing, strong and creamy and delicious on the warm flat bread. I had to be careful not to gouge myself less I get too full for the next courses (mission failed btw)

The delicious garlic feta, the chef makes theses spreads and there are a few different flavours, depending on his mood. He should sell these man

Foie Gras (love the plating), pardon the picture, lighting was horrid.
Nicely cooked and paired perfectly with beetroot.

Tenderloin - a very generous chunk on top creamed sunchoke with some tomato rice puffs and a red wine sauce. That creamed sunchoke was delicious, light yet performing that 'starch' role perfectly well. And I love the rich wine sauce, I usually prefer to eat my meat "naked" but in this case, the sauce really brought out the flavour much more intensely


Chocolate soup (or undercooked chocolate cake?) with black pepper ice cream. That ice cream was interesting but not a fan of the peppery aftertaste. Chocolate soup was thick, rich and gratifying, I could not muster more than 3 bites but of course this was right up the boy's alley who finished off both. 

I had a really good meal here. Finally a celebrity chef restaurant  worth visiting.

Level 2, World Square (Resorts World Sentosa)
8 Sentosa Gateway

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