Friday, October 26, 2012


I am Cantonese so naturally, food in Macau/Hongkong suited me to a T. Dimsum, noodles, roasted meat. Awesome.

Beef brisket at the restaurant in the casinos. Food in casinos are awesome because you can use points to get discounts

Uni, salmon and swordfish(?), bowl of heaven I tell you. Japanese food in Hong kong is so much cheaper and of better quality, as compared to Singapore.

you can never leave this place without the ubiquitous bowl of roast pork and char siew. Nobody does it better. 

Famous pork chop bun from Macau. The kind folks at Vatican Hotel persuaded the owner to open up a branch there so no more long queues. So darn good. 

More roast meat. Cant get enough.

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