Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ichiban Boshi

I think I am on a chain restaurant spree here but hey they dont get much love in these scenes do they and we frequent them so often.

When it comes to conveyor belt sushi chains, Ichiban boshi is my favorite. We all want tasty, value-for-money portions of food and this is where Ichiban shines. 
The sets featured on the menu are huge and super value-for-money but even though I always tell myself to try other stuff, I usually end up ordering the items below. 

Cha Soba - Al dente without being too clumpy or hard (*cough sushi tei cough*)

 The agedashi tofu comes in a very generous portion. It is done very well too

Salmon sashimi on rice, the rice is flavored with sesame oil and vinegar and is soo fragrant. 

What is your favorite Japanese chain restaurant? 
Mines a toss-up between Ichiban and Itacho

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