Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ramen bar Suzuki

I like any ramen place with free flow eggs and this is no different.

 Table filled with condiments, the basket of eggs and free flow tea. I like places that give you a huge pitcher of water/tea, so much better than having to call the waitress over everytime you need a refill. To all places moaning and whining about the lack of wait staff, perhaps you should consider this?

Ramen bar Suzuki also provides free-flow rice and beansprouts (lunch)/cabbage (dinner). Really great for the big eaters.

The pure white tonkotsu ramen with extra egg was good. I love a thick sweet flavorful soup and this hit the spot. 

The menu also features limited special ramen daily ( 10 sets per lunch/dinner serving). Tried the shrimp one on my second visit but was not a big fan. The 'heibi' flavor was a bit too strong for me and I like my ramen soup cleaner. Will stick to the original ones next time.

Ramen Bar Suzuki
61 Circular Road
Singapore 049415

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