Friday, January 25, 2013

Los Primos

Tapas bars has probably been the new fab on the Singapore food scene for the past 6 months with new bars sprouting up all around our tiny island. I cant say I dont welcome this because I absolutely love Spanish cuisine.

Perhaps my expectations were too high but unfortunately, I was not impressed with Los Primos. 
What I liked:

Tender and tasty jamon, soo good but served with rock-hard bread

Roasted suckling pig was sinfully good. The crackling of the skin paired with the melt-in-your-mouth flesh makes for a damm good bite.

The rest of the tapas were pretty pedestrian. The prawns were not fresh at all, making for one decidedly chewy dish. 

Unlike the tapas, the paellas were huge. We could only finish half of each (though of course we did over-order). Both werent great either, the paellas here lacked the oomph and that umami taste of seafood running through the rice. The best squid ink paella I had in Singapore was at Don Quijote and this really paled in comparison. 

Disappointing really because I so very much wanted to like this place. 

Los Primos Tabernay Tapas Bar
81 Club St, #01-01
Singapore 069449

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