Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kilo by Pact

Wow, this place serves great food. Kilo by Pact is a concept store, selling clothes, food and drinks located in a nondescript corner in the maze known as Orchard Central. (Even the sales assistant two stores away didn't know where Kilo was when i tried asking for directions)

Food here is fusion style, with strong Japanese influence. 

Baby Eggplant - donburi sauce, marscapone cheese and tempura flakes
Crispy calamari

The eggplant was awesome, very complex dish with several layers and texture. Sounded weird on paper (cheese and eggplant?) but tasted damm kickass

Blue cheese figs with bacon and walnuts. Another dish with intense flavours and extremely delicious.

Mentaiko pasta- much milder than I expected. I thought the flavours were a bit muted after those intense appetisers but still pretty tasty.

Kilo's smashburger - with 2 patties, tomatoes, cheese on a brioche bun. Sounds awesome on the menu and in reality disappointing. The burger was tiny (2 patties? More like 1 patty divided into 2) and the meat just average tasting. 

My favourite dish - ebiko capellini with roe. Perfectly al dente, light (even with the cream sauce) and very tasty. The fresh prawns and roe was the icing on this dish. 

This place serves great food, stick to the appetisers and you will be set.

81 Orchard Rd 
 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
6884 7560

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