Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brunch @ Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

We decided to try something new for our once a year Champagne brunch , this time round at The Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton.

Quintessential in Sunday brunches - all the oysters you can down

Grilled lobsters! We got very excited but unfortunately there were over-cooked

Free-flow foie gras! Our one requirement when looking for potential brunch places. 

Roast beef was probably the best thing in the buffet. Really moist and juicy.

Like St Regis, Ritz's brunch also offers a few special items (though not as much as St Regis). This one here is a pea and crab risotto, not a big fan (too much peas!)

Dessert selection - nothing stood out except for the Mango sorbet, now that was good. We devoured probably 5 cups of sorbet.

I know, who eats yogurt at a champagne brunch eh, but this tiny bottle of atas yogurt was darn good. 

Best part - they serve cocktails! We downed several glasses of pimms. Mmm

So which is better? I think St Regis' quality of food is probably better but Ritz offers more variety and additional cocktails. The atmosphere is also tad more lively while St Regis tends to be more elegant/classy. 

7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799
6337 8888

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