Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wing Stop

So many chicken wing places popping up nowadays! Well I am not complaining since I am a big fan. 
Walked past Wing Stop at Bedok Mall and decided to give this place a try, of course the relatively empty interior should have given us a sense of how good the food is here (Singaporeans know their food well!)

Anyway Wing Stop is basically like your everyday fast food joint, instead of burgers though you get wings. Each set gets you 6 pcs (well 3 wings actually) in 2 different flavours, 1 side and drink.

Our choices - garlic parmesan and lemon pepper

I thought the seasoning was decent, but the wings themselves were limp and dry. Pretty disappointing. That say, the honey mustard dip for the fries was darn addictive.

Bedok Mall 

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