Sunday, April 20, 2014


I must admit, when i first heard of the concept of Saveur - french food at hawker prices I was extremely skeptical. I mean, how good can an $8 foie gras dish taste? 

That probably explains why I only decided to venture into Saveur recently (the Far East outlet has no queue!) and boy, do I take back my words. This place is awesome!  

Angel hair pasta with ebi
This was lovely, wonderfully seasoned and flavourful. Sure portions are small but at that price, you can afford to order more. 

Foie Gras with lentils. This was a tad too oily but hey its foie gras and perfectly cooked! Not a huge fan of the lentils pairing, I would choose something more citrus-y. 

Mains - duck confit with mash potato and sea bass with potato cubes and french beans. I can't decide which I liked better because both mains were delicious. Duck was seasoned perfectly (duck confit tend to be too salty!) and creamy lick-your-plate-clean mash mmm while the fish was fresh, flakey and sweet with that crunchy crispy skin.

Cheap and good - thats the holy grail right. Will be back.

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 18858

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