Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fordham & Grand

Wow this place was much smaller than I thought and pretty dark too. Overall I thought the food was ok, decent, but nothing we tried really stood out.

Lobster linguini - probably my favourite dish of the night. The pasta was nicely seasoned and spicy. 

Roasted spring chicken with foie gras and potatoes. The portion of foie gras was really quite sad, small little cubes of liver that I can't quite remember how it tasted.

Scallops and crab tortellini - do not order this if you are hungry. Seriously tiny portion but the scallops were sweet and fresh. 

Striploin with fries. Average slab of meat but hey the fries were pretty good! I love golden brown fries yum

Dessert was a french toast with rum sabayon (I dont taste no rum) and a pretty delicious banana cake. I dont eat banana cake that often but this was moist and caramelised bananas are always welcome.

I know this post seems pretty ho-hum, that happens when I blog about something 4 months later, and about a particularly uninspiring meal. Shall vow to be more updated man

43 Craig Road
Singapore 089681
6221 3088

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