Wednesday, April 2, 2014

South Coast, MBS

A quick lunch at South Coast before heading for ArtStage Singapore. 
These days, if we do not know what to eat we will whip out the Entertainer app and try one of the deals nearby, I guess at least the concept the app is trying to sell works eh.

South Coast is one of the several restaurants by the boardwalk outside MBS so you get a nice view of the bay and tourists milling around outside the art science museum. Portions here are huge, we got the fish and chips  + wagyu burger. The fish was the better of the 2 dishes, didn't particularly like the burger of its fried bun, just too heavy overall.

Soo 3rd year at ArtStage and I thought this year's was the best showing I have been too. Somehow the exhibits were more interesting and relatable. 

Artwork of bugs- beautifully creepy

And my favourite piece, a ridiculously lifelike 3d drawing. So in awe of the talent that I was secretly relieved the artist's works had all been sold (but of course) because I might have plonked down that 5-8 grand for these drawings.

 10 Bayfront Avenue, 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #01-85, Singapore 018956
 6688 7600

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