Saturday, April 26, 2014


There are a lot of cute fusion restaurants, with largely confusing but very reasonably priced menus popping out eh. This place in particular reminds me of Miam Miam and Hoshino Coffee.

So we went in purely because the queue here was the shortest and hey the name's cute.
So this is a fast casual European dining restaurant and the menu is divided into the more popular European cuisine meaning one can find Belgium, French, Spanish, German and Italian food here.

From the Spanish section - the Ambush Paella ($14.20),  featuring bacon, mussels and clams. A bit too wet but nonetheless tasty. 

From the italian menu , scallops and spaghetti in squid ink ($14.80).

Value-for-money food, targeted at the younger crowd so no complains here. Weirdly, I sense a Japanese influence over some of the dishes (flying fish roe, seaweed on pasta etc). Confusing but maybe fusion is the new casual dining thing, Im probably too old for this.

68 Orchard Road,The Atrium, #04-64/66,
Singapore 238839

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