Friday, April 25, 2014


The Entertainer app not only offers deals on food but also on travel! We got a 1-for-1 deal on Montigo resorts (but to caveat, the deal wasn't as good as it sounded because 1-for-1 was before taxes so we didn't save that much but better than nothing right)

Soooo Montigo is this supposedly luxury resort in Batam that probably 1/4 of Singaporeans have been too.  I have seen many pictures of the place on social media - pictures that seem to belong more in Bali or Phuket rather than just a 40 min boat ride away.

Villas that greeted us from the reception. I guess I do agree, quite easy to believe you are in Thailand. 

Lovely hand-written note, snacks and wine in our villa. Wow the villa (sleeps 4) is huge! Plenty of wide open spaces, even oddly a small empty room (for storage?), a large roof top with cushion that fits 12, balcony with a wading pool, small kitchen, dining, living room. I understand that Montigo is probably selling space as a luxury but I can't help thinking that a villa that can fit up to 8 and small ones for 2 would be more effective given the targeted group. 

Gorgeous master bed room with the huge toilet (open roof top!)

Montigo offers shuttle services to a local shopping area (45 mins away), there is only 1 bus service a day so do book your slot. Typical Singaporeans, we went to eat A&W ( can't be found here! must whack!) then massage and buying too much plantain chips

Spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool, drinking too much beer and just admiring the sun-set. The place was very empty surprisingly, I wonder if all the guests are just drinking by their own pool? 
Overall Montigo is a lovely place for a short weekend get-away but I do think that for the price (~$100/pax/night) and it being relatively new, the place did not seem very well-maintaned (e.g. Pool-beds were not very clean, our toilet light was faulty etc). 

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