Saturday, December 22, 2012


New malls in Singapore are starting to have a ridiculously high FnB to other shops ratio. I guess retailers are realizing that while Singaporeans can shop online, they still have to eat. 

Star Vista has a few new FnB outlets that I have not heard of. Decided to try out Morganfields and it seemed like your quintessential all American joint with ribs being the main draw (ala tony romas).

Morganfields got the American-sized portions down right. Everything, except the steak was huge so do share. 

Cheese fries

Gigantic portion of ribs. The ribs werent bad, sufficiently tasty and tender. 

Fish n chips

The signature ribs were not bad, but everything else was probably average. 
The service staff walked around looking lost and confused most of the time but I guess I will cut them some slack since they are probably new. 

Ended the meal with our favorite 'hei' ice cream from Awfully chocolate. 
delightfully rich and thick. What ice cream should be.

The Star Vista, 1 vista exchange green

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