Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mooshi Bakes

Mooshi Bakes is opened by the Awfully Chocolate Group and we know how good the desserts are (especially the hei ice cream mmmm) , but what about brunch? 

The souffle omelette was huge, no wait it was gigantic.  This monster of a omelette scared me when it arrived, I mean how many eggs are in that thing?

That said it was sooo light and fluffy, I am not sure how much air they got into those egg whites but eating this was fun. The sprinkle of parmesan on top gave the omelette enough flavor and it tasted really good with the crusty bread and tomato relish paste. 
Too darn big though, I barely made it thru half. 

Truffle scrambled eggs had a hearty kick of truffle oil, making this plate smell so darn good. Paired with cheese and pork sausage for a very sinful brunch. 
I wish the eggs had been creamier though. 

Coffee was below average, cant be helped if the barista is also your waitress I guess, the teh tarik was pretty good though. Overall I like brunch here but I thought the portions were too big, slightly smaller plates at lower price points would be perfect. 

Mooshi Bakes Brasserie
#01-01, 131 East Coast Road
6440 6735

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