Sunday, December 9, 2012


Getting to MerryMen is quite a stroll along Robertson Quay but it was worth it.
Located along the river and dining under twinkling fairy lights, MerryMen is a lovely place to kickback and chill with an ice cold beer.

A must try is the Pork Rack ($28). The pork was juicy and moist and so so flavorful. I was half afraid that the meat will be really tough and dry but this was a really good dish. Resting on a plate of roasted potatoes, french beans and sweet plums. The sides were all very tasty and complimented the meat well.

The fish and chips, served with truffle fries(!), cole slaw, tartar and vinegar. The fish was well-fried but I thought it could do with more flavor, lots of tartar and vinegar was needed which was unfortunate. The truffle fries were really good though, tossed with truffle salt + truffle oil. Would order the fries as a side the next time.

Dessert was a chocolate lava cake that we had to wait 10-15mins for, and trust me the wait was worth it. This is probably one of the best Chocolate lava cakes we had, perfectly crispy and warm on the outside and with that wonderfully melted center. Crack the cake and watch all the chocolate just ooze out.  Ice cream plays a big role in this desert too, and the vanilla ice cream was good, speckled with the familiar black dots - the ones where you know this is going to be a good ice cream.

Very happy with my meal :)
And I will be back, maybe to try the pizzas and the sliders

86 Robertson Quay #01-02

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