Monday, September 1, 2014

Da Si Xi

My mum read about this place on Straits Times and excitedly dragged the whole family down to try its signature Claypot crab rice

First up, spicy ikan bilis (at $8 ouch!), this was crispy and addictive but pricey compared to the rest of the dishes here

Our two clay pot dishes of the night. The curry fish head was mildly spicy, more towards the milky side which some may dislike, especially if you are used to the assam/indian style of this dish. I personally enjoyed it (like eating laksa!) especially with the addition of the dried bean curd skin. 

The star of the night - crab clay pot rice (with 2 crabs). Very fragrant and enticing but the crab itself was pretty disappointing, tiny with hardly any flesh. Perhaps the restaurant should come up with a Sri Lankan crab version? The rice though I love, having absorbed the juices of the crab it was extremely tasty with the satisfying crunch one associates with clay pot rice. 

Service here was efficient. No complains. Best of all no GST no service charge!

19 Sims Way
Singapore 388831

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