Thursday, September 25, 2014


Was pretty darn excited when I saw L'Entrecote at the revamped Suntec City mall. No more queuing at Duxton! I had a pretty magical experience at the Duxton brunch, first time having steak frites (unlimited fries!)

Alas I wasn't able to mimic the experience here, perhaps it was the atmosphere - the Duxton outlet is small, crowded and very lively. 

Skip the french onion soup - a little too watered down

Boy had the duck confit with rice. Was alright I guess, wasn't too interested when there was steak in front of me 

So the main course to order - steak frites with a mountain of fries (seriously, would anyone go for another serving?)  I like my steak thin and even better, pre-sliced (I'm lazy). 
Of course, for this price ($29.90) you can't expect top quality meat but still rather enjoyable with the nice creamy brown herb sauce.

Suntec City 
6690 7569

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