Friday, September 12, 2014

Taratata Bistrot

Headed in for a meal before drinks at the Library. I love the quaint decor, very classic french.

Nice warm crusty bread with salty butter mmmm 

French onion soup, visually stunning with al that cheese oozing out. Not too salty and perfect for dipping bread in. Portions here are huge and I was half-full after this. 

So, no way was I going to finish the mountain of mussels and fries in front of me which was unfortunate because they were delicious. The mussels were fresh and plump, cooked in a sweet wine sauce and perfect for dipping those crispy fries in. 

The boy's beef cheeks on the other hand was disappointingly tough though sill flavorful.Then again, I dont think we can ever find another beef cheek comparable to Bistro Du Vin's so maybe we should just stop trying. Once again, portions were huge. 

Definitely enjoyed my dinner, their brunch menu sounds interesting and I wont mind coming back to try

35A Keong Saik Road
6221 4506

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