Sunday, June 1, 2014

Genki Sushi @ Chinatown Poin

Oh this was so much fun. In a bid to improve productivity and reduce the strain on manpower, Genki Sushi "employs" these train tracks to deliver sushi right to your table. Just place an order on the iPads and a couple minutes later woosh, your order right at your table, pick it up and the trains go back to the kitchen to pick up the next order.
So much fun to eat and watch the trains moving back and forth. In fact, we only interacted with the waitress once, to pay our bill.  There is even a slot on the table for clearing of plates, really impressed with such effective use of technology.  thumbs up to innovators who instead of whining about lack of manpower, high levy etc find ways to solve their problems. 

Anyway I thought the food was good and cheap, especially compared to other sushi chains 
*cough sakae cough*

133 New Bridge Road
#02-33 Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
6702 0900

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