Friday, May 30, 2014

Cataluyna Sunday Brunch

Brunching out (hah pun intended) from our usual hotel buffets to Cataluyna for my birthday celebration this year. 

I love the atmosphere! Lively music, happy people high on food and fizz and cheery staff dishing out great spanish food.

First up, the buffet line which had the usual cold cuts, cheese and other spanish tapas. 
Save your stomach for the other dishes. 

Such as the scrambled eggs + chorizo.
Creamy salty goodness

Bikini sandwich - crispy bread with iberico, cheese and black truffle
Ah soo good

Fresh grilled fish

One of my favourites that day - paella with langoustine. My first time eating these delicate shellfish and wow, I can't get over how fresh and sweet the flesh was. More please!

Of course, suckling pig!  Crispy skin with tender flesh and paired with the art of plate smashing as the waiters demonstrate just exactly how tender the pig was. I love Spanish festivities!

Last but not least, a trayful of deserts but we were too stuff to take more than a bit. The lemon tart was good! 

If you like Spanish food and think that the usual Sunday brunch experience can be a bit stuffy, you will love the brunch at Calaluyna. 
If not just come for the sight of the chefs + waiters dancing with a pig in their hands will surely cheer you up. 

The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327
6543 0886

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