Saturday, May 10, 2014

Le Cuisson

I hate it when I have a bad dining experience at a place that food bloggers rave about. Makes me wonder - were their reviews biased? Do normal diners just get sub-standard service? or did I come on a bad night? Well I will never know.

Le Cuisson started off as a hawker stall and have since upgraded to a restaurant, of course upgrading its price too. 

Le Cuisson is a pretty small restaurant, with a second floor sitting about 20 and an al fresco area on the first floor, also sitting about the same amount. I expected service to be a bit slow cos I noticed that our floor (2nd) was only served by 1 waiter. But we didn't expect to be waiting 90 mins for our food, and to make things worse every time we asked our waiter he would say "oh 2 more mins" but 10 mins later still nothing. In the end, we even went to check with the chef, pretty unacceptable really.  Plus the dishes we wanted (Coq Au vin and Pork Pot) were "out of stock".. seriously.

Our too-long meal started with charcuterie platter which was probably the best dish that night. The foie gras terrine in particular was great - rich and buttery.

Foie gras was ok

Mushroom linguine with poached egg, thought this was probably the best main. Was nicely done

Both the pork chop and the steaks were extremely tough. The pork chop in particular was very dry too. 

Lamb duo for 2 was a large lamb shank and rump, served with a salad and some baked potato. The shank was nice and tender but the rump was ridiculously salty. Not sure how it happened since we would assume that the whole dish would be salty if the chef had over-seasoned. Perhaps he got distracted and seasoned the rump twice? The potatoes were dry and hard, like they were taken out from the oven and left to sit there for a long time (just like we did). 

Icing on the cake was when the waiter came out with the birthday cake (yes it was supposed to be a birthday dinner for me and that cake was a surprise) in its box, announced "do you want the cake now?" and dumped the cake and box on our table. By then there was pretty much nothing we could do but laugh the whole experience off as one bad dinner. 

So overall, food had some hits but more misses. Of course, anger over waiting time and service did not make our dinner taste any better and I wanted to just caveat this. 
But with service like this, I doubt I will ever come back.

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