Sunday, May 11, 2014


One of my favourite lunch places! 
So I got the Kama-tama Udon because I saw it featured on IS magazine's 50 things to eat before you die and well give me the original Kake Udon anytime! 

So the kama-tama features udon done "al-dente" style with a raw egg and broth on the side. Not sure why but the dry-ness of the udon coupled with the gooey raw egg didn't do much for me. Now the Kake, with the soup mmm 

That say, udon here in general is one of the better ones I have had. Plus I love all the toppings you can help yourself with and the add-on tempura! My favourite is the fish-cake and the pumpkin but perhaps I should try something new next time :)

Liang Court
177 River Valley Road #01-32
6337 0301

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