Saturday, May 24, 2014

L'Ateliar de Joel Robuchon

Came here for my birthday dinner and was surprised to see how casual dining is here, with counter seating for almost half of the restaurant and high top tables for the remaining.
We got the counter seating which was really fun because we got to see all the chefs at work thru the open concept kitchen. 

Amuse Bouche - Foie Gras Custard with Red Wine and Parmesan Foam.
I personally dont get foam on dishes but I appreciated the varying layers and texture in this. Foie Gras is always good too.

Bread basket - so many types that I had to be careful not to over indulge. The butter rolls were really good.

Foie Gras with mango puree "- nicely cooked, no complains

Soup with iberico ham and a soft boiled egg - once again tasty dish but nothing spectacular

Beef cheek, meat was soft enough but somehow, I still very much prefer the rustic home-made style perfected by Bistro Du Vin. 

Ah the famous mashed potatoes, comes with every main course. I honestly expected this to be life-changing but I was really quite disappointed. I wonder how much butter was used in this because the taste of butter was pretty overwhelming.

The boy chose a pork dish as his main course which was really not worth mentioning.

The poached pear for dessert was pretty good.

Overall, I thought the dishes here were well-executed and technically perfect but it really lacked soul.     The chefs in the kitchen didn't appear to be enjoying themselves particularly (maybe having diners stare at you while you cook is not that great an idea) and that may have been reflected in the dishes.

Service was a whole different story. While the L'Ateliar may not be as expensive or exclusive as its sister restaurant next door, one would expect a certain standard of service given that prices here are not exactly cheap either. The staff were either dismissive or not attentive but to Resort World's credit, we were offered a complimentary meal as a compensation after we provided our feedback to the hotel; a gesture that they didn't have to make but did so anyway so I am truly appreciative. Hence I shall not elaborate further though I will definitely not go back to this restaurant. 
Truth is, not matter how good the food is, people always remember bad service.

Alas my 28th year didn't go off too a good start with 2 bad birthday meals :(

Level 1, Hotel Michael (Resorts World Sentosa)
8 Sentosa Gateway 

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