Monday, June 9, 2014

Savour 2014

Savour was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay instead of the usual F1 Pit building. I am not a big fan of the new location, sure you no longer have to walk up and down the building but its so much smaller, resulting in a much more restrictive experience. The Jason's hall for instance was about half the size of last year, there were also fewer areas for classes. 

It was blazing hot as usual. Walked around with them cold beers most of the time. The rest of the time - hiding in the Nespresso tent
Sneaky photo of the very fine Emmanuel Stroobant. Unfortunately, wasn't a fan of his tempura foie gras, way too greasy. Perhaps it was the weather, not a dish you would want to eat under the sweltering sun. 

Ok on to the food

Crab meat linguine from &Sons 
Really good sized portion and delicious.

Roast Cod from &Sons
Not as melt in your mouth as I had expected. Thought it was slightly overcooked. 

Combo Platter from Forlino
5 cheese tortellini, pork cheek, and a chocolate macaroon with passionfruit coulis.
The tortellini was great, the rest were so-so. Not a fan of the dessert, too soft and mushy (more texture pls!)

Braised Beef cheeks
Cant beat the holy grail that is at  Bistro Du Vin. Maybe I should stop trying other versions.

Meat platter from Stellar 1-Altitude
Rib eye, roasted pork and short ribs. A pretty expensive plate but wow this was good. The ribs and beef were tender and seasoned well while the pork was juicy and crackling good. Favorite dish of the day.
Need to get my ass back to Stellar for more of this.

All in all, Savour is still a fun food festival with the opportunity to try tons of dishes from  various celebrity chefs but I somehow feel the experience this year very much muted from the previous years.    I do hope Savour 2015 brings forth a more scaled up version. 

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