Thursday, February 20, 2014


Sooo is this place under Sushi Tei? Cos the menu is weirdly similar, in fact the sushi rolls are identical. However, prices in generally are lower so yay!

Sushi rolls are the best for sharing, tempera prawn topped with salmon and roe. Cant go wrong.

Teppanyaki beef set - incredibly value for money with chawamushi and garlic rice (think it was $20+). The beef cubes were surprisingly tender.

 The huge sashimi salad, more meat than vegetable. Another thumbs up for value

Lastly, the chirashi which I can't do without. Alas not a fan of the one here mainly cos there were too many 'cooked' items in my bowl.

Overall, decent Japanese food, reasonably priced and not as crowded as say Sushi Tei,  best of all its super near my home (we easties are deprived). So I guess I am going to be a regular!

300 Tampines Ave 5
NTUC Income Tampines Junction
Singapore 529653
 6786 8484

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