Monday, February 3, 2014

House @ Dempsey

Dempsey is about to become our new hangout place because of all the visits we will be making to our wedding venue.

House needs no introduction - I love the decor (Sitting under a giant table or in a tent like whatttt) and the fries. I love love love fries so when I get to choose from a variety, I am in heaven.

 Devoured this whole serving of pumpkin fries. So good.

Roast chicken with mash and carrots
The main was disappointing, not because it didn't taste good (it did) but the portion was ridiculously tiny. Close to $30 for 2 small pieces of chicken, half a carrot and a spoonful of mash, really?

Luckily I filled up my tummy with all that fries.

8D Dempsey Road
S 249672
 +65 64757787

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