Monday, December 9, 2013

Greyhound Cafe, Siam Center

Greyhound Cafe in Bangkok is one of those well-loved by Singaporeans places (we actually visited all these places this trip just to find out what the fuss was about)

Greyhound is a stylish place - think Project Shop cafe at Paragon with the staff in funky slogan tees and/or suits. 

The famed Greyhound chicken wings - tiny wings marinated in fish sauce and fried to perfection, these tasted great! Very addictive but I prefer the wings from Som Tum.

Squid ink burger was pretty disappointing, nothing like the squid ink bun at tiong bahru bakery. In fact if not for the colour, it would have been just an ordinary bun.  

Corned beef spagetti - I am biased cos I loveee corned beef but this was a really good pasta dish. Al dente and very flavourful.

Siam Center 
3rd Floor
(This place is pretty popular so be prepared to wait during peak hours) 

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