Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why 97 Pub & Restaurant

Restaurants at Asiatique are gorgeous and Why 97 is no exception. We wandered into this restaurant simply because 'it looked pretty' and no regrets man.

First up, Why 97 is a gorgeous restaurant. High ceilings and spacious interior with a bar sprawled thru one half of the restaurant. The walls were lined with vintage, kitschy items but  did not come off as cheesy. I especially love the lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling.

In fact, it would have been the perfect place for my wedding if not for the fact that it is in Bangkok.

On to the food, everything was flavorful and tasted good. 

Best dish of the night was probably the prawn capellini with roe. Just the right amount of seasoning and  tasted so fresh.

 Ribs - meat falling of its bones

Service was not fantastic, I chalk it up to the waiters not being masters of the English langauge but I will definitely come back again.

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