Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bangkok Travel Diary Pt 1 - April 2013

Back then, Bangkok used to be a twice yearly trip for me. Having not been back for the last couple of years, I indulged in my recent trip like an addict off the wagon. 

Stayed at the Novotel Platinum hotel, just next to Platinum mall. Super convenient if you love to shop at Platinum but not so if your a fan of the BTS. Location aside, the hotel was modern and chic. Very nice. 

 Fascinated by the wobbly glasses that contained our welcome drinks

View from the room. The infamous traffic jams at night

Novotel has a pretty good breakfast spread. From the usual American fare (sausage, bacon, egg station) to a small selection of dim sum/congee to the cereal bar. The best thing though was the cheese station - brie + crusty bread = win.

Favorite combi - half boiled egg + bread + cheese

Revisiting my old favorites in Chatukchak. I swear that market has the best of everything.

Sweetest mango sticky rice - push cart in the centre of the market (sells fruit shakes too)

I can never make a trip to Bangkok without eating at Dinphow Cuisine. I have been eating here for at least 10 years and the food has been consistently good. Perhaps the food has remained delicious because of the sense of nostalgia but damm everything is just perfect. 
The tom yum soup with just the right amount of spice and sourness; hot but not numbingly so. That sesame chicken thats crispy on the outside, tender inside.

I actually ate here 2 days in a row this trip (didnt lie about indulging) 

And of course, the famous coconut ice cream. I love mine with atap chee, whats your favorite topping?

Anyone also uses the 'tower' as a meeting point? 

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